Welcome to SpayCalifornia, a state-wide referral network/database to connect people throughout the State of California (via internet and telephone) with participating programs and veterinarians offering low cost spay/neuter services.




It is Good for the Community

A spayed/neutered animal will never add to the overpopulation problem, saving the destruction of innocent lives and millions of tax dollars.


It is Good for Your Pet

Sterilized pets typically live longer and healthier lives.  For a female, spaying (removing the ovaries and uterus) eliminates the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer and significantly reduces the odds of developing breast cancer.  In addition, it eliminates pyrometra, a very serious infection of the uterus.  Neutering (removing the testicles) in males eliminates testicular cancer.  In addition, spayed females never experience "heat" periods and neutered male dogs and cats are less likely to roam or get into fights or spray.


It is Good for You

Guardians of spayed or neutered dogs usually pay a lower dog license fee each year.  In addition, many jurisdictions throughout the State of California have passed or are in the process of passing legislative requirements for pet sterilization. 




1.   We provide low-cost veterinary referrals for spay/neuter services, which should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind.  We do not endorse, recommend or promote any one veterinarian over another.  The ultimate decision and agreement to retain the services of any veterinarian is your sole responsibility as the animal guardian.
2.   Many veterinarians and clinics are providing lower spay/neuter fees if you are referred by SpayCalifornia.  Therefore, when calling to make an appointment, it is very important that you begin your conversation saying "I was referred by SpayCalifornia who told me that you are a low cost spay/neuter facility."  If you forget to say this up front, you may not get quoted the discount rates.
3.   Just like the cost of gasoline, milk, utility bills and all aspects of life in general, veterinary fees are rising.  In addition, some geographic areas may be costlier than others.  So keep in mind that low cost doesn't mean no cost.  Spay and neuter fees are determined by a combination of variables - male or female, dog or cat, weight and age - for example.  
4.   Fees listed on this website are for base spay/neuter prices only, unless otherwise specified.   Veterinarians may require additional services such as vaccinations, e-collars, or take home pain medication for which there will be an additional fee.   For older animals, a blood test will likely be necessary.  In addition, there may be an office call charge.  It is your responsibility to ask about any additional fees and services prior to having the surgery.
5.   Fees listed on this website are current as of the date the information was acquired which is shown on each entry.   It is your responsibility to verify fees prior to making an appointment.
6.   Most veterinarians require that all fees and costs are paid at the time services are rendered.
7.   There may be circumstances or complications such as the animal is in heat or pregnant or the male has an undescended testicle(s) that will increase the cost.  In addition, if the veterinarian determines that your pet is obese, an additional fee may be required. Again, it is your responsibility to ask all of these questions prior to making an appointment.
8.   The veterinarian will provide you with pre-surgical instructions at the time you make the appointment (no food after midnight, etc.) and post-surgical instructions (keeping the animal calm, etc).
9.   There may also be transportation requirements, so be sure to ask.  (Dogs must be on leashes, cats only accepted in carriers, feral cats in traps.)
10.   Remember, the ultimate decision and agreement to retain the services of any veterinarian is your sole responsibility as the animal guardian.  So be sure to ask any and all questions you may have prior to making an appointment and/or before surgery.  And don't forget to say you were referred by SpayCalifornia 


 With the billions of dollars spent on pets each year, it appears that as a nation we truly do love animals.  Yet, with very little thought we see no problem in destroying thousands of unwanted animals each hour rather than face our responsibility to protect them.   As a community and as individuals, we must promote and support spay/neuter as it is the foundation upon which we can put a stop to pet overpopulation.




This year has seen an economic upheaval that has caused prices in all avenues of life to increase with no ending in sight.   SO MUCH SO, WE THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMIND YOU TO DO A MENTAL REALITY CHECK BEFORE BEGINNING YOUR SEARCH.  Whether it is gas prices, airlines, milk, postage, plumbers, doctors, gardeners, garbage collection or parking fees, everything is higher.  This includes veterinarian fees as well.  Unfortunately, the only thing that remains essentially the same are wages. 


As you look for an affordable veterinarian, the one closest to your home may cost more than one farther away.   In smaller communities you may not have many options and will have to drive a few blocks to 10-25 miles away.  In any situation, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Take time to determine your true needs and which veterinarian offers the better price for your individual circumstances.   After looking at all the details, the one you first thought was more expensive may actually be more cost effective.  Only you can make that determination.


Thank you for caring and for spaying/neutering your pets.


...and don't forget to say you were referred by SpayCalifornia 




If you are a Veterinarian or Spay/Neuter Program and wish to be listed here, please call 1.866.Pet.Spay with your base rates and pertinent information.